Due to complications with Corona, it has not possible to make Breaking Borders 2021 a reality. Therefore, it is with great sadness we have been forced to cancel the Breaking Borders gaming event in Næstved between Christmas and New Year.

The Discord channel will however continue to run and any news on possible future projects will also be announced on the server


Join us on our journey to bring gamers across the danish-german border closer together!

What is this Discord?

Togheter with Næstved Bibliotek og Borgerservice, LEZ SH and Næstved Esport, we have created a gaming Discord channel, that focuses on bringing gamers accross the borders togheter.

We have a page, more dedicated to what Discord is, and you can find this, by clicking the button below.


A discord community is not enough for us.

This is why we have planned a long list of events on the Discord server.

These range from Marcus “xpriskornet”, speaking about being a professional LOL gamer, to Fortnite and CS:GO tournaments!

To access the events, you need to be a part of our Discord.

The project

Breaking Borders is a joint venture between the library in Næstved and the state center for esport and digitalization in Schleswig-Holstein Germany (LEZ SH).

The project came around, when a wish, for a better and stronger community, between gamers, both local but also across the danish-german border.

The project is based around two major channels, for the community members to endgage togheter.
This is our Discord channel, and a gaming event coming later this year in Næstved. More about the gaming event in the near future.

Besides the library of Næstved and LEZ SH, Næstved Esport is also a major key player in the project, as they are the projects backbone. They have delivered a large portion of the technical guidance and setup of the Discord and planning of the Gaming event. They also represent gamers in and around Næstved.

we hope to see you in our Discord Community, where exiting events is planned for the rest of the year. This is also where you can get more information about our upcoming gaming event, when we release details about this.