You can contact us by email, by opening a ticket on our Discord server or by sending a message on our Facebook page.

Email: info@breaking-borders.gg

Who are we?

Breaking Borders is an EU project that is funded through KultKIT, with the Project actors being Næstved Bibliotek og Borgerservice on the danish site and Landeszentrum für eSport und Digitalisierung Schleswig-Holstein (LEZ SH) on the german site.

Besides these parties, we also have Næstved Esport, which helps organize the Discord, events, tournaments, and more. DGI is assisting us with planning everything. Another party is Grønnegades Kaserne Kulturcenter which is where the Gaming event will take place.

What are we trying to do?

More information can be found on the homepage.
But to summarize it all, we create a cultural meeting point where friendships can be shared and formed based on the interest in gaming, e-sports, nerd culture, and general mutual interests on an individual level.

Connect with us!

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