Join us on our journey to bring gamers across the danish-german border closer together!

How to Discord

So, what is Discord?

Discord is a communication platform that has text, voice, and video. It is a growing platform that has millions of users worldwide and is widely used in the gaming space as a means of communication. 

We have therefore created a guild, also called a server, on Discord. 

You can use the guild to get in touch with new people, play with your friends, or participate in our events. The guild is called “Breaking Borders”.

On the server, we have a range of different channels for you to use.

Getting started

To access the Discord guild, you need to join using this website: https://dc.breaking-borders.gg.

Don’t have Discord?
Discord is free to use and is available on nearly all platforms – Either through the web or app. You can sign up and download the app over on their website: https://discord.com.

When launching Discord, you will see all of your guilds on the left-hand side of the app. Here you can also see if there are any unread messages in the guild or if you have been pinged.

In the guild, we have a lot of channels, which may seem overwhelming at first, but don’t worry! We are going to go through them here, and if everything fails, just stick to general.


We have 12 categories in the guild. These are:

  • Information
  • Community
  • Public
  • Gaming
  • Voice
  • The public stream corner
  • Danish*
  • German*
  • Support
  • Support tickets
  • Your channel

In information, you find the general information about the guild, such as a welcome message, rules, and any major announcements that may come.

Community is where we hold our events, and here you will also find detailed information about upcoming events. Feel free to join in when these are running!

Public is the main text category, with the main part of the text channels. Feel free to explore and post content in there, or just say in #meed-and-greet.

Feeling like gaming? In Gaming, you can find more specific channels for your game type! If we are missing any channels, please open a support ticket – More about that later.

Discord is not all text, it also has voice! in the Voice category, you can find all of our voice channels!

Are you a streamer? The public stream corner allows you to connect with other streamers.

Danish is a category you get access to when you choose danish as your nationality

German is a category you get access to when you choose german as your nationality

When needing support, the Support category is where to go! We have an advanced ticket system, where you can get fast and easy help, from our moderator and administration team. You can find your open tickets in the Support tickets category.

We may not always have all the voice channels you need. That’s why, in the category Your channel, we have enabled, so that you can create your personal voice channel, by just entering “Create private room“. This room can hold up to 5 people and is managed by the MEE6 bot. Learn more about this here.

Categories can be folded together, so unsued categories do not take up that much space. This is done by the small arrow in front of the category.


Discord has four kinds of channels. Text, voice, announcement, and stages. All with their own icon.

Text channels are the usual text-based instant chat room. You can in these chats mention others, either directly or through roles. This is done through “@”. This will highlight the text message, with the mention in it for them. To mention channels, you can use “#”. You can also send pictures, videos, links, Gifs, stickers, and lots of emojis.

To ensure that we don’t get any content, that may be against our rules, we have auto moderating bots, which cone through messages, and removes bad content, so you always find a clean and welcoming chatroom.

Voice channels are simple to use them. Click them to join. You can only be in one at any given time. You can write in any text channel, while being in a voice chat, or even be writing on other servers. When clicking a voice channel you already are in, you enter the voice channel itself, and can see the avatar of the joined users. In the lower-left corner of your screen, you will find voice control options, as well as in the middle, when in the voice channel. 

While talking in a voice channel, you will be able to stream your screen, as well as sharing your webcam. These are by default turned off. Please be aware, that a webcam cannot be shared when there are more than 25 people in the channel.

You can also mute your microphone as well as muting any sound. By right-clicking on other people in the voice channel, you will be able to mute them, for yourself only, or modify the sound level.

There are two relatively new channels on Discord. These are announcements and stages.
Announcement channels, are channels that you can follow and are where you find the announcement. You cannot send messages in these channels.

Stages, are completely new and are event channels. Here you will be able to listen in, on people talking about anything that you can imagine. A stage can be set up with a topic. As a normal member, you join as a listener and can ask to speak, by raising your hand, so you can ask questions or come with relevant information. Speakers, including members asking questions, can be seen at the top of the channel. It is not possible to share videos or webcams in this kind of channel.

Need help?

It’s boring, not to have a helping hand. This is where we have bots.
Bots are a great way to improve the experience on Discord guild.

We have 10 bots, with their own way of improving the server.
We have an auto moderating bot, called Auttaja, which you also have a lot of fun commands, such as -weather, -dice, and -enlarge.
You can use this bot by using the “-” followed by a command. You can see more, by using -help.

Another bot, which is commonly used, is the Rythm bot.
This bot is mainly used to play music in a voice channel.
We have two of them, Rythm and Rythm 2. They have the command prefixes r! and r2! respectively. Rythm 2 can only be used by a DJ.

We also have MEE6, which can do all sorts of different stuff, and can be used with the command prefix !. In extension, we have the AmariBot, which handles leveling on the server. More on this later.
To see one’s level, you can use the command :?rank – Prefix: :?.

To support you, we have the Support System, which helps us help you!
With this, you can create tickets, either by going into the support text channel or by writing s!ticket [topic], where you change [topic] with the topic of the ticket.
When opening a ticket, you get a direct way, of contacting support.
Don’t hesitate to use this feature. You can also ask a question in the support-question channel. 

For a bit more direct help, you can also get help by voice. This happens in the voice channels in the support category. By joining Waiting, you automatically queue up, to get support.

If support through Discord is not possible, you can contact us by email, by emailing info@breaking-borders.gg.

Rules and guidelines

On the Discord guild, we have a set of rules we follow.
These are outlined and described in the rules channel, which is placed in the information category.

To be able to write and speak in the Discord guild, you need to accept the rules in this text channel, by following the direction given at the bottom of the channel. You will get a popup where you will have to confirm, that you understand the rules.
When this has been confirmed, you will get the member role in the guild. With this, you can now write and speak in the guild.

Remember to always follow the ToS from Discord.

What else?

What else does this Discord guild bring to the table?
We are having weekly events, with big names in Esport coming in, such as Marcus “xPriskornet” who is going to talk about his time, as a professional League of Legends player, and Frederik Byskov who is the founder of Astralis and an Esport entrepreneur. We also have events planned for October, where you can play many different types of games.

You can see an updated list, with all of our events on the events page.

As a fun bonus, we give out special ranks, or roles, to people that use the guild a lot. This is handled by the AmariBot. You earn XP every time you send a message, and you level up, with this XP. With certain levels, you earn a role, such as Iron gamer or Bronze gamer. This gives you a flashy color to flex with.

In December, the Gaming event, will take form, and here the Discord Guild will be used.

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