League of Legends rules


To participate, register on challengermode.
You also have to join our Discord.


  1. Registration and Roster
    1. Only registered players are eligible. Spontaneous changes are not allowed
    2. Every Team is asked to have at least one contact person on the Breaking Boarders Discord.
  2. Format and Schedule
    1. The tournament starts at 12:00 – Check-In is from 11:15 till 12:00.
    2. Format will be decided on the amount of teams participating in the tournament.
      1. If we reach above 12 we will have a groupstage from 4 groups with 3 or 4 teams – first two placed Teams get out of groups.
      2. If we don’t reach 12 teams, we will have double elimination playoffs.
      3. Each game is BO1 except the final which is BO3.
  3. Pre-Game and Picks & Bans
    1. The team that is first named on Challengermode has sideselection for the first game
    2. You can enter the Lobby with the tournaments code which can be found on the game-page on Challengermode
      1. If that does not work, you can create a lobby by yourself. It has to be Summoners Rift, Tournament Draft
    3. Each Team has 15 Min to enter the team with its full roster.
    4. If one team does not arrive within that time, it automatically surrenders the game/the series
    5. Each Team must be in order from Top-Jungle-Midlane-Botlane-Support. If that is not possible it has to be communicated with the enemy team.
    6. If Bugs or Disconnects during Champ Select occur, the lobby has to be restarted and the pick and bans have to be the excact same
  4. In-Game
    1. Each team has 10 Minutes of Pause but that can only be used for Lags, technical issues or disconnects. In the worst case that team has to play with the remaining for players.

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